Boat Sheds: A Big House with A Highly Crafted Timber Interior and A Simple Exterior

Boat Sheds 3

Strachan Group Architects and Rachael Rush in Association have been completed a residential project in New Zealand called Boat Sheds. This big house has a highly crafted timber interior that contrasts with the simplicity of the exterior form. It also closes and opens in response to shifts in program and weather.


Boat Sheds 1

Boat Sheds 2

Boat Sheds 3

Boat Sheds 4

Boat Sheds 5

Boat Sheds 6

Boat Sheds 7

Boat Sheds 8

Boat Sheds 9

Sits on a constrained, compact urban site, this house reference the boating and beach culture of New Zealand. The sliding forms also reveal a solution beyond a home’s standard connotations, the bespoke incubator for the lifestyle of the client.



Boat Sheds 10

Boat Sheds 11

Boat Sheds 12

Boat Sheds 13

Boat Sheds 14

Boat Sheds 15

Boat Sheds 16

Boat Sheds 17

Boat Sheds 18

Challenged by the blunt presence of a three-storey neighbor hard and two front yards, the corner site stimulates an approach of layered complexity. With ample transparency, this complexity can capture sun, light, and glimpses of the baiting ocean and the pohutukawa.



Boat Sheds 19

Boat Sheds 20

Boat Sheds 21

Boat Sheds 22

Boat Sheds 23

Boat Sheds 24

Boat Sheds 25

Boat Sheds 26

Boat Sheds 27

Boat Sheds 28

Boat Sheds 29

Boat Sheds 30

The skilled artistry of the builder can be seen from the crafted timber interior. There is also a diverse succession of multi-connected spaces inside the house that can create a threaded flow of movement, maintaining a sequestered quality.

Responding to the shifts in program and weather, the walls of this house lift, fold, slide, disappear, or shut down. It is a comfortable house with the aim to engage viewers to enjoy its awesome surrounding nature.


Boat Sheds Gallery


Photographer: Patrick Reynolds

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