Chromatic Spaces: Premium Apartments with Color and Contour Harmony in Modern Interior

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Based on the idea of a joy of living, these premium apartments come in a modern interior with color and contour harmony. Chromatic spaces are surrounded by 20.000 trees in Shanghai, offering the best quality environment for all modern families. CEG Schwarzwald develops those premium apartments based on urban society’s increasing demands of a relaxing, calm, and healthy lifestyle.


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The focus design of the modern interior in Chromatic Spaces is the harmony of the colors and contours. Both of them are combined in order to create a perfect balance of privacy and generosity for a better modern lifestyle.



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Some different colors are applied to some elements of the apartment like furniture and wall. The textured deep blue wall in the living room is beautiful. It also contrasts with the Shanghai skyline and frames a spacious lounge too in a striking fashion style.



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The architect carefully mixes and matches some different color schemes with the contour of the interior, especially in the private bathrooms and bedrooms. With a contrast look between the color of bed, cabinet, wall, and other elements, the architect can create a colorful decoration in a unique venture.



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Besides some essential rooms like living room, kitchen, and dining room, there are also balconies in the bedroom. These bedroom’s spacious balconies can give a smooth transition of the apartment interior to the exterior area, providing a private view of Shanghai city to the residents.



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Supporting the harmony concept of color and contour, CEG Schwarzwald chooses some types of colorful furniture which are combined with other colorful elements. With a yellow rug, a blue wall, a red table, and even a yellow ceiling, a good harmony can be created in a good contrast too.

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