Scenic Ballade: A Living Place with Classic Interior and Simple Yet Stylish Decoration

Scenic Ballade 1

HAO DESIGN tries to combine the client request to have a home with a large park view, a classic interior style, and a simple yet stylish decoration for the children. Scenic Balade is designed by considering those requests and identifying the strength of the apartment, fulfill everybody’s needs.


Scenic Ballade 1

Scenic Ballade 2

Scenic Ballade 3

Scenic Ballade 4

The classic interior design is identical with resplendent ad complex style. But in Scenic Ballade, the designer tries to make it looks simple with a spectacular view outside the apartment as the main focal point for the whole interior.



Scenic Ballade 5

Scenic Ballade 6

Scenic Ballade 7

Scenic Ballade 8

The design of the interior is not only classic but also elegant. This kind of beautiful elegant comes from the symbolic elements and the simple line with a modern approach. The use of a pure white color for the home primary background can create a comfort and serenity environment.



Scenic Ballade 9

Scenic Ballade 10

Scenic Ballade 11

Scenic Ballade 12

White becomes a background color of the living room, especially the wall with some addition of European-style cornices. There are also arched windows that can make the room looks soft. The placement of all furniture is arranged well, creating a visual continuity toward the window.



Scenic Ballade 13

Scenic Ballade 14

The original layout of the apartment has been changed, especially with the floor plan to create an open space. This open space consists of a living room and kitchen with a lovely kitchen island. Considering the request from the owner, HAO DESIGN also put some types of unique furniture.



Scenic Ballade 15

Scenic Ballade 16

The furniture is not only used to create a classic interior design but also facilitate the client. A simple cabinet in the kitchen can add an elegant touch to the interior. Mr. Hsu also has a personal space to listen to music and watching TV with a heavyweight armchair and a stainless steel TV wall.



Scenic Ballade 17

Scenic Ballade 18

Scenic Ballade 19

The bathroom is a little bit different from other rooms with its black tiles on the wall. The outstanding view outside the window can be enjoyed from the living room. Each room is decorated with several shades darker, adding a warmer atmosphere to the classic interior.

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