The Bridge: A Warm Home with Modern Interior and A Connected Bridge

The Bridge 1

Mr. Wang has a clear vision about a home that he wants. He approaches HAO DESIGN with a beautiful plan of a warm home. With a deep care to each other in the family, they decide to build a connected bridge that can bring them together in a good moment. The Bridge is a project of a new life vision with a modern interior design and a connected bridge.


The Bridge 1

The Bridge 2

The Bridge 3

The Bridge 13

The main idea of this project is focused on the bridge. This area becomes a connected space for the family to enjoy the delicious food from the expert cook, Mrs. Wang. The modern interior comes from the design of a long corridor at the end of the bridge with a half-closed glass door and also the red- brick arch.



The Bridge 4

The Bridge 5

The Bridge 6

The Bridge 14

HAO DESIGN decides to use the whole available space in this home as much as possible, in order to not adding more distance for the family. There is a staircase in the main entrance, an open-kitchen concept on the front building, and a great library on the rear building area.



The Bridge 7

The Bridge 8

The Bridge 9

Every bedroom in The Bridge has its own interior design style. The older son has a wall-sized wardrobe and grey-green walls in his bedroom. The individuality style of the younger son can be seen from the industrial-style ceiling light. And the master bedroom has two beautiful single-sized beds.



The Bridge 10

The Bridge 11

The Bridge 12

The modern interior design for this project is supported by some additional decoration. With the unique outdoor scenery, the European country atmosphere appears when the sconces light up in the dusk. Some of the folk collectibles from Africa are also used to decor the interior.



The Bridge 16

The Bridge 17

The Bridge 18

The inter-building bridge is designed with a semi open-air scheme. This scheme can create a superb daylighting and merge the bridge with the inviting outdoor cooking area. The beautiful lighting also can highlight every single thing inside the bridge.



The Bridge 19

The Bridge 20

The Bridge 21

The Bridge also can be called as a warm living place. Most of the furniture is designed with warm wood materials, especially the table, kitchen island, and some chairs. This material is also used to make a warmer floor on the bridge area.



The Bridge 22

The Bridge 23

The Bridge 15

HAO DESIGN uses some different colors to bring the modern interior design becomes more interesting and fun to be seen. The basic color is white for the wall, ceiling, and some storage. Others furniture like a big cabinet offers a beautiful blue color.

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