Van Rosendaal Residence 7

Van Rosendaal Residence: A Simple and Efficient Volume with A Generosity of Experience

Started in 2009 and completed in 2010, Van Rosendaal Residence is designed by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative for two ’empty-nesters’ who are avid community volunteers and also nevertheless very involved in the raising of their extended family. The design of this house is a simple and efficient volume while the main floor is experienced as an integrated and open space that lends a generosity of experience.

Juniper House 3

Juniper House: A Modern Residence with An Uncluttered, Light-Filled, and Accessible Living Space

It is a two-storey walkout residence located in Calgary, designed by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative for a professional couple. The design for Juniper House is developed in response to the unique site and the clients’ desire for an uncluttered, light-filled, and accessible living space. This project is started in 2012 and completed in 2016.

Bragg Creek House 8

Bragg Creek House: A ‘Studio’ Experience and Flexibility with Open Interior Space

Completed by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative in 2003, Bragg Creek House is designed for two artists and their young triplets. Located in Bragg Creek, this house is a response to the client’s request for an open plan that reminiscent of a ‘studio’ experience with flexibility for the evolution of the family change. This house is also designed with an open interior space defined by a series of objects.