UB04: An Energy-Efficient Building with A Shutter System and Remarkable Qualities

UB04 2

URBANbuild returns with a more conventional stick-built construction after successfully proven that the program can deliver projects on budget and on time with URBANbuild 1-3. URBANbuild 4 or UB04 is designed by having used projects 2 and 3 to experiment and test with prefabricated building systems. It is an energy-efficient building with the invention of a shutter system and remarkable qualities.


UB04 1

UB04 2

In this project, the design alterations and divisions can continue through the build semester and allowing the program to return to its treating projects’ original idea as full-scale study models. This third house is built in Central City and the community started to take pay and notice more attention to this program on the year it was built.



UB04 3

UB04 4

This project achieves a LEED Silver rating through the energy-efficient building’s provision in compliance with national energy requirements and standards. This house also responds to the new hurricane preparation requirement of the city through the awesome invention of the shutter system. This system uses impact-resistant polycarbonate materials.

UB04 5

It is also a house designed with remarkable qualities of diffused natural light. Neighbors of previous projects also take an interest in this project, seeing what the students are building, so this program begins to feel more firmly in the neighborhood. With this project, URBANbuild has satisfied its original HUD grant fully. Now they need to seek alternate funding means to continue the next project.


UB04 Gallery


Photography: URBANbuild

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