90 Amazing Japanese Interior Design Inspirations

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Japan has a strong character in any case, including in the home decor, layout and interior of traditional Japanese houses are still widely implemented until now. Although the interior gives a strong traditional taste, but lots of furnitures and accessories have been adapted to contemporary trends.

Many positive things you can get when using the traditional Japanese interior, almost all furniture such as tables and chairs are not as high as in general, because the Japanese people sit on the floor with a low table.

Another distinctive feature is the paper-thin walls and sliding doors, sliding doors greatly saves space, even though the door is large.

The light on Japanese interior also determines the character of the room, usually Japanese interior use lanterns made from paper hanging from the ceiling. You can replace it with a modern lamp with the same shape, now you can see the lights like that on the market.

Japanese interior designs offer a high level of simplicity, in the bedroom, you will not even find a bed at all. 🙂

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