10 Beautiful and Elegant Interior Designs

Having elegant interior design is great to make your daily life comfortable. Beautiful interior design can reflect your ideal life, and even improve the value of your property. These 10 beautiful and elegant interior designs can become inspirations to decorate your own homes.

1. Elegant, glass-covered beach house

North Sea 2

A glass-covered beach house needs to have an interior that reflects the home’s overall charm. Berg Design’s North Sea house in New York, for example, showcases modern interior dominated by wooden planks and surfaces. The light shades go well with the modern minimalist furniture.

The house has joint kitchen-dining area located next to a pool, complete with long table, benches, and bar stools, to mimic a beachside bar.

2. Elegant, minimalist family home

East Lake 8

A family home may have detailed exterior, but the minimalist interior is great to create an elegant atmosphere. Instead of cluttering the house with trinkets, white walls and wooden floor provide nice “canvas” for the family to add personal touches. The bright splashes of colors present in artworks, pillows, and upholstery.

The interior also features seamless transition between different living areas, featuring contemporary furniture items that blend perfectly with the simple elegance of the interior.

3. Natural elements in a contemporary Tudor house

35HP Tudor Style Residence 5

Contemporary Tudor house combines asymmetrical lines, tall windows, and pointed roof with a chimney. Elegant interior with natural elements complements this design perfectly, without overwhelming it. White walls are great backgrounds for a wooden floor and rustic stone fireplace.

Rustic stone walls can be installed next to the stairs or other unique fixtures. The stone wall is also great as a focal point in any room.

4. Glass-dominated two-story house

Ferry Road 8

A modern, two-story house with glass panels is the embodiment of elegance. The foot-to-ceiling glass panels adorn most of the parts. The minimalist white walls and wood panels go great with white furniture. The interior relies on natural patterns of various textures as decorations.

Planting greeneries around the house is great to balance the entire look. Adding some potted plants inside the house gives splashes of bright colors.

5. Elegant hillside house for a family

Coldwater Canyon 9

A hillside house usually features a design that showcases the beautiful nature around it. The Coldwater Canyon family house, for example, has a square design with two levels and large glass panels that dominate the structure. They give the airy interior atmosphere as if the house is connected to nature.

The interior also loses partitions, creating an open living environment with a lot of natural light. White walls are adorned with artworks, stone tiles, and exposed bricks. Potted plants tie up the interior with exterior.

6. Elegant white apartment with balcony

Upper West Side Apartment 4

A white apartment with high ceiling and balcony practically shows modern elegance. The apartment is not overly decorated, but it uses materials such as marbles, white lacquer, and polished concrete for decorative accents. Streaks of black, such as for the floor and window frames, create the more contemporary look.

The size of the apartment gives advantages for homeowners who love large furniture. Long white sofa, large fireplace, lounge chairs, and several coffee tables are appropriate for an elegant apartment.

7. Modern apartment with exposed bricks

Chelsea Loft Apartment A Living Place At The Top Floor Of Brick Rowhouse 8

Exposed bricks create a rustic elegance that looks great in any modern apartment. Keeping the brick surface is also ideal to cut costs when renovating an old building. Typical red bricks are great to pair with white walls (or grey for “industrial” look) and wooden floor.

A mix of vintage and modern furniture can create unique elegance. Glass coffee table and long, brightly-colored sofa are great to pair with retro chandeliers.

8. Minimalist tower apartment with open-plan space

The Reconstruction Of Lake Shore Drive Apartment 6

Tower apartment provides a spacious living area with an amazing view. Minimalist design with large glass panel windows is ideal options for such apartment. White walls, light wooden floor, and floor-to-ceiling glass panels create an airy atmosphere, an ideal canvas for any modern furniture.

Basic furniture with a contemporary touch is great to adorn the apartment without overwhelming it. A small coffee table with the asymmetrical surface, contemporary chairs with distinctive colors, and colorful artworks create nice touch in a simple living space.

9. Colorful, elegant flat for the art lover

Life Between Painting A Living Space For Passionate Painting Collectors 12

Bright colors are usually not associated with an elegant look, but an art lover can create a unique interior with artistic elements. A flat with white walls and the light wooden floor is a great “canvas” for colorful artworks. Bright yellow sofa, printed pillows, unique pendant lamps, tree planter, and artistic mirrors work well in elegantly adorning the flat.

10. Modern and elegant public terminal

The Project For Bush Terminal Public Facility 4

A refurbished public terminal may get advantages from modern but elegant design. The Bush Terminal in Brooklyn gives an example of how modern elegance of contemporary architecture can improve an originally-disused public facility. The terminal still has a typical industrial rowhouse design, but it has a more modern look with asymmetrical roof and bright colors.

The row of opaque glass panels contributes to the modern elegance of the building, softening the industrial look of the metal plates underneath them.

Creating modern elegance in a house or public building is a great way to improve the overall design. These 10 beautiful and elegant interior designs will turn any building into dream property.

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