Up-Cycled Warehouse, Richmond: A Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Family Home

Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 7

The main goal of the conversion of this 1960’s warehouse is to re-use and retain the existing building as much as possible. Up-Cycled Warehouse is designed by Zen Architects and located in Richmond, United States. This warehouse is transformed into a comfortable and energy-efficient family home.


Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 1

Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 2

Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 3

A philosophy of re-using and retaining materials is applied in this project to the entire building of the warehouse. Besides the retained building, there are also a lot of original elements that re-used including roof sheeting, cladding, doors, sprinkler pipes, and light fittings.



Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 4

Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 5

Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 6

The existing floor slab of this warehouse is also kept due to the restricted site access partially and also for its inherent embodied energy. An addition of a north-facing courtyard is also made to provide a generous amount of heat and light in an otherwise poorly oriented building when winter comes.



Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 7

Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 8

Up Cycled Warehouse Richmond 9

Through new high-level louvers, cross ventilation for this warehouse can be achieved. Within the original structure and volumes of the warehouse, mezzanine rooms float awesomely. There is also a new raised deck that links the living areas with the courtyard. A light and garden are inserting into the existing warehouse, the architect can create a liveable and warm family home.


Up-Cycled Warehouse, Richmond Gallery


Photographer: Emma Cross

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