North Sea: A Sleek and Modern Beach House in Southold, New York

North Sea 6

A sleek and modern beach house is the main concept of this house. North Sea is located in Southold New York for a single-family residence. Berg Design Architecture as the architect tried to make connected exterior and interior space. The purpose is about providing a seamless connection to the house landscape. North Sea has an awesome landscape ever, that’s why Berg Design doesn’t want to miss it at all.

Glass Wall

North Sea 1

As you can see, North Sea is built with an awesome glass wall on almost the whole surface of the house wall. With this beautiful glass wall, everyone can enjoy the adorable landscape around the house from any room inside the house.


Dining and Kitchen Area

North Sea 2

One of the best area of North Sea to enjoy the beautiful landscape is the dining and kitchen area. With a large glass wall, a family can enjoy the amazing view while they cook or eat. The dining area is decorated with a floral bench complete with the wooden long table. The kitchen has some bar stools with white cabinet.



North Sea 3

The bedroom interior of North Sea is simple. With a white bed and also a small balcony, every morning view can be seen clearly. The balcony is designed with a glass wall too and it is decorated with a cute curtain.



North Sea 4

As a sleek and modern beach house, the architecture design of North Sea is different from a regular beach house. It has a box shape with wood design as the main material. With the glass wall, this house becomes modern and elegant.



North Sea 5

There is an outdoor stair outside the building of the house. It will take you to the top floor where you can see the beach view well. The wood design next to the stair makes it looks so natural and perfect with the natural view too.



North Sea 6

North Sea 7

North Sea is decorated with a green yard located in front of the house entrance. This landscape fits the house well with the beach view. The green yard is one of the media for the house to have a seamless connection to the house landscape.

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