10 Amazing Modern House Designs

Modern houses no longer follow the conventional design rules in old homes. Bold, bright, and distinctive, modern houses often showcase asymmetrical lines, sleek designs, material combinations, and energy-efficient features. These 10 amazing modern house designs are proofs of how contemporary architecture trend became great inspirations for exceptional buildings.


1. Modern wooden house with material combinations

Combining materials is a trend in contemporary design. A wooden house may feature large glass panels, metal plates, and stone elements to create a contemporary look. Glass panel windows with insulations also allow natural light to enter and encourage good insulation, creating an energy-efficient house.

Port Ludlow House A Compact Modern House On A Wooded Waterfront Property 6

Using asymmetrical design with flat roofing makes the house look more distinctive. A raised deck that surrounds the house creates additional living space. The lack of partitions creates smooth transitions between living areas. Wood and stone may be featured heavily as the interior, to reflect the exterior.


2. “Wave house” with Finnish interior

A house in Mikkeli, Finland, has been dubbed “The Wave House” due to its undulating shape. Seppo Mäntylä, the architect, adopted the shape to adjust the design with the uneven terrain. The top uses curved designs, creating futuristic touch that goes well with the architecture.

The Wave House A New Generation Log Home In Finland 7

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels allow natural light to enter freely, minimizing the need for lamps and heater. Wooden panels dominate the interior, including in the bathroom area, which reminds of saunas.


3. Barnhouse for indoor and outdoor activities

Barnhouse is a popular building type for motel and club because it provides spacious areas for indoor and outdoor activities. The barn-style house is ideal to provide several bedrooms, game room, living room, large dining area and kitchen, and many other functional areas. Wooden exterior, metal plate roofing, and large glass windows give a modern vibe.

Quimby 9

Barnhouse is ideal to be paired with a large courtyard. Swimming pool, tennis court, garden, patio, and mini playground are great features for the front and back.


4. “Card” house for a sloped terrain

“Card” house by YH2 Architecture in Quebec is a sample of the contemporary compact house ideal for uneven terrain. Cement slabs work wonder in creating unique exterior, despite the house’s simple structure. The combination of cement, wood, and glass panels create a contemporary look. The house has multiple levels, which are great ideas for the sloped terrain.

Château De Cartes A Simple Light Structure Composed Of Multitude Of Cards 7


5. Holiday country house with modern elements

A country house is ideal for a holiday retreat, but this design can be improved with modern architectural elements. The house may still have pointed roofs and rustic materials, but asymmetrical lines and large, horizontal glass windows create a contemporary look. The building may consist of several levels, to accommodate uneven terrain in the countryside.

La Cornette A Country House On Quebecs Hill Slope 10

The interior consists of wood and stone elements. Sleeker lines and modern furniture create a more modern feel. All the living areas are open and inviting, mirroring the nature of an actual country house.


6. Bright, open-plan family house with wooden panels

Open-plan house is great for a family since it provides a lot of space, light, and freedom. The house may adopt modern design trend with flat roofing, large glass windows and doors, and semi-open living space. However, wooden panel walls provide better indoor privacy, while still making the house look warm.

North Whale House 8

White walls and wooden floor are classic options for a family home. They are easy to modify or pair with any furniture, perfect for a growing family. The lack of partitions creates a smooth transition between rooms.


7. Three-section house with different exterior

Dividing a house into sections or volumes create more options for the occupants. Instead of using symmetrical approaches, the building is divided into several continuous sections. Each section has different exterior, such as a terrace with stone paths, a patio deck, and poolside chairs. Large glass windows, wooden elements, modern lighting fixtures, and minimalistic walls create inviting and warm look.

Fieldview House 11


8. Modern house with natural surroundings

A modern house does not have to “blend” its design with nature. For example, a house may have flat roof, “S” structure, and curved edges in its exterior, which contrast starkly with surrounding trees. The combination of slate stones, wooden planks, and large glass panels create striking look among trees.

Housing Stadhouderspark 6


9. Cedarwood beach house with concrete and glass panels

Long Island Sound’s “Spiral House” shows an example of an innovative design to accommodate with beachside climate and terrain. The house is covered cedarwood panels, but there are large glass panels that give views of the beach. There are floor-to-ceiling glass walls that bring beach atmosphere into the house, and the furniture is kept bare for unobstructed scenery.

Spiral House 1


10. Dark wooden house with large glass panels

Dark wood is an unusual but attractive touch for a modern house’s exterior. The dark panels pair nicely with surrounding greens, but the exterior is balanced with large glass panels that provide natural light. The house is split into several sections, with continuous transitions between different living areas.

Contre Jour An All Black Country House In Quebec 10

Start your inspirations from these 10 amazing modern house designs. They are not only feasible, but also exceptional, energy-efficient, and great for a long term.

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