Upper West Side Apartment: Renovation of Two Apartments in New York

Upper West Side Apartment 5

Upper West Side Apartment has been renovated by 1100 Architect twice. The first renovation was in 2008 and the architect returned for the second renovation after the clients bought a neighboring unit. The idea is about renovating the two apartments in New York to make an awesome single cohesive environment of a living space in the urban area.


Upper West Side Apartment 1

With the cohesive design approach and also careful detailing, Upper West Side Apartment becomes a nice living place. The highly finished material such as white lacquer, marble, and concrete can make a modern and also warm environment inside the apartment.



Upper West Side Apartment 2

Upper West Side Apartment has a truly modern white kitchen with marble as the main material. The marble material on the kitchen island makes it as a focal point for the whole kitchen room. This kitchen is minimalist but so welcoming.



Upper West Side Apartment 3

A big white bathtub is a symbol of modernity inside the bathroom of Upper West Side Apartment. This bathroom is not only modern but also showing the luxury accent through the crystal lighting. The white wall makes the interior looks perfect.



Upper West Side Apartment 4

Upper West Side Apartment 5

The whole interior of Upper West Side Apartment is full of simple things. The wall is not having too many accents or decoration at all. The architect wants to show the interior detail with the furniture, rug, and also lighting.



Upper West Side Apartment 6

The best thing about the kid’s bedroom in Upper West Side Apartment is the blackboard on the wall. It is a perfect design for a kid’s bedroom where they can express their imagination and creativity on the wall. The bed is a simple white bed with white bookshelves and drawer too.

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