Coldwater Canyon Project by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

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The Coldwater Canyon is a project in 2016 of Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects. The project is located in Beverly Hills, United States. The partner projects for this cool house are Takashi Yanai and FAIA and then the main project architects are Megan Lawler and AIA. What makes this kind of hillside property is so special? Just like its name, the Coldwater Canyon is a house with a lot of natural accents and an oasis atmosphere.

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The plan of this building is not a regular plan because it has a long shape with two floors. That long shape of the building makes it more looks like a canyon. It is also creating a futuristic style, especially with its square-shape design.

Coldwater Canyon 2

The interior of the Coldwater Canyon is full of modern style with a concept of an open room for living room area, dining room area, even a cozy area to play the piano. This house has a large glass door to show the beautiful view outside the house.

Coldwater Canyon 3

Another reason why this cool project is called Coldwater Canyon because of the long pool too. The pool is surrounded by green environment and the blue water makes it looks perfectly natural. Great place to spend a warm summer.

Coldwater Canyon 4

The bathroom is also simple and modern with tiles on the floor complete with shower and the glass door too. It has two different wall design. One of them is very stylish and artistic with random patterns. The wooden furniture in the bathroom adds the natural accent for the interior.

Coldwater Canyon 5

How about the bedroom? The Coldwater Canyon is a house with a simple and elegant interior design. The best thing about the bedroom is the glass door right in front of the bed. Every people would love to sleep in this kind of beautiful bedroom.

Coldwater Canyon 6

It is not different with the kitchen inside the Coldwater Canyon. The kitchen is also full of modern things like kitchen islands and kitchen cabinet. Everythings are also surrounded by glass door and wall to give you a nice view of the house.

Coldwater Canyon 7

At the second floor, there is a minimalist balcony with an awesome view. This area is just decorated with one wooden chair but it still looks gorgeous. The wall design of the balcony is also a unique thing. It is a brick wall design which looks more modern.

Coldwater Canyon 8

The main room inside the Coldwater Canyon is full of wooden furniture, especially the dining room area. The long wooden table and the chairs are completing the natural look. It is also decorated with some colorful frames on the wall.

Coldwater Canyon 9

Let’s move to the living room. The architect of this house is trying to give the homeowner a cozy living room with modern fireplace. One sofa with double red chairs is enough to be used in this large living room space.

Coldwater Canyon 10

Right from the living room and dining area, you will get an amazing view of the green forest and also the blue pool. The glass door is large enough for you to see all those natural things inside from the house, both when you have a meal or just sit in the living room.

Coldwater Canyon 11

If you see this kind of beautiful house from the outside near the pool, you will get a modern house view with its double floors and also the pretty pool. When night comes, the glass door and wall of the house easily will show you the lovely atmosphere inside the house.

Coldwater Canyon 12

The architect is completely designing each part of the house in a cool way, including the stairs. The Coldwater Canyon has big wooden stairs. The wall near the stairs is also designed with glass, showing the beautiful view once again before you get to the second floor.

Coldwater Canyon 13

After all, the Coldwater Canyon is a house with simple patio and front door. The door is kind of elegant glass door without any furniture around it. The patio has a lot of natural accents with the green plants around it.

Coldwater Canyon 14

If you see the Coldwater Canyon building from the outside, it looks like a modern container with the square-shaped. Even though the building looks futuristic, the interior design has a lot of modern and natural design style for living.

Coldwater Canyon 15

Surrounding by a fresh forest and a lot of green plants, the Coldwater Canyon is a great house with its size and shape. It will be a perfect living space from an awesome architect for you who need to go away from the busy city.

Photographer: Jeremy Bittermann, EYRC Architects

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