Seascape Villa: Mediterranean Property on the Island of Nusa Lembongan

Seascape Villa 13

Located on the island of Nusa Lembongan, Seascape Villa is designed by WOMhouse and completed in 2018. This 5 bedroom property is designed with a “Mediterranean feel” based on the client’s request. With the combination of the best design and the use of some materials, Seascape Villa provides an awesome place to enjoy the beautiful island.


Seascape Villa 17

Seascape Villa 16

Seascape Villa 15

The design approach that WOMhouse uses is about a “Mediterranean feel”. It is also developed with some of clean soft white volumes, pebbled and concrete floors. With this kind of design, this villa comes in such as a great result on its architecture, both on its exterior and interior.



Seascape Villa 14

Seascape Villa 13

Seascape Villa 12

Besides its 5 awesome bedrooms, this villa also offers other facilities. It is a two-floors building with communal spaces, living room, and also a pool. All rooms are designed with a convenient interior style and furniture.



Seascape Villa 11

Seascape Villa 10

Seascape Villa 9

The architect works hard with the tight foot print because of the building restrictions. Most of this villa spaces are full of bedrooms and communal areas. The living room is locates above the service building, reducing the impact against the building by placing it sunken blow ground level.



Seascape Villa 8

Seascape Villa 7

Seascape Villa 6

Seascape Villa has a pool with the advantages of the land length. It connects the beach with the villa building. The length of the pool is balanced with a circular deck which is located around it. Square and round shapes are combined to this villa, especially for the wall and pond design.



Seascape Villa 5

Seascape Villa 4

Seascape Villa 3

This villa is built by using some different materials with an organic feel. Those materials are used and accentuated by using bamboo screens, giving a good balance to the building contemporary and natural lines.



Seascape Villa 2

Seascape Villa 1

The whole interior of Seascape Villa does have a Mediterranean feel. There a lot of natural stuff which are used to design the interior such as plant, wooden furniture, and even candles. This villa is not only dominated with one color but also some colors that applies on its furniture.

Via womhouse

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