The Fade: Natural House for Musician Couple

The Fade 2

OBBA is the architect of this natural house in Gapyeong-gun, South Korea. Sojung Lee and Sangjoon Kwak work together with the best design team, Jaeho Kim and Daae Kim to make a house for musician couple near the Bukhan River called the Fade. The purpose of this house is providing a refreshing living space for the wife who often travels aboard. The idea of the Fade is integrating a modern house with beautiful landscape around it. Let’s have a mini tour of this awesome house.


Window and Door

The Fade 13

The Fade has a lot of beautiful windows and door design which are decorated with an elegant black frame. It is the perfect design for the view around the house.



The Fade 1

The house is surrounded by a beautiful and natural landscape with green trees. Behind the house is an awesome hill too with the green view.


Front House

The Fade 2

If you see this house from the front side, you will get a modern house with the concrete design for its wall and a large green yard with some natural elements around it.


Wall Detail

The Fade 4

The architect has a great idea for the wall structure of this house. The wall structure is designed well just like a natural rock wall which is formed by rain.


Wall Structure

The Fade 5

The wall structure is a different design from another natural and modern house. It still has a cool art accent which is made by the architect.


House Exterior

The Fade 6

The exterior is decorated with a stone pathway with some small stairs. The green view comes from the pretty grass around it.



The Fade 7

The fade is actually built on a small hill. That’s why the designer is also designed a beautiful stair inside the house based on the actual hill structure.



The Fade 8

This interior picture is part of the studio interior inside the house. It is designed well with the beautiful and large windows with the wooden floor.


Interior Stair

The Fade 9

The interior stair of the house has a grey look with a modern accent. The architect is also decorating it with some lamps right on the wall next to the stairs.


Outdoor Stairs

The Fade 10

This is the best thing about the Fade house. It has a beautiful outdoor stair which is designed in a natural way with stone, plants, and also lights.


Stairs View

The Fade 11

If you stand right on the stair, you can see the awesome structure of this house. This house has two floors with the beautiful windows and doors.



The Fade 12

The musician couple surely needs a studio inside the house. So the architect creates a cozy studio with a long seating area and it is completed with a wooden table.


Dining Room

The Fade 14

The dining room inside the Fade is simple. There are some chairs and one long table in the middle of the room and it is decorated with twin lamps.


Studio View

The Fade 15

The studio is built with a natural look and large glass windows. The whole interior is full of the beautiful view on the front side and also the back side of the room.


Two Floors

The Fade 16

The plan of this house is creating a house with two floors. The base structure is following the hill structure. The first floor is designed for the public area like studio and the second floor is a private floor for the couple.


Second Floor

The Fade 17

It is a plan design for the second floor of the Fade house. It has some complete rooms for the owner of a bedroom, bathroom, office, and so on.


First Floor

The Fade 18

The plan for the second floor is completed with a beautiful patio. The patio area has a beautiful deck right near the outdoor stairs.


Small Garden

The Fade 3

The small garden of this house is a simple garden. It is full of pretty stones with only one tree and surrounded by concrete walls.

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