East End House: A Serene Year-Round Retreat with Modest Early-Modern Styles and Detailed Construction

East End House 8

East End House is located on Long Island’s East End, New York, sits on a bluff overlooking the water. It is a serene year-round retreat designed by Andrew Franz Architect with 3,000 SF in size. Completed in 2019, this house is contemporary but it has modest early-modern styles that inspired the client. The detailed construction also supports the high-performing home vision to serve the next generations.


East End House 1

East End House 2

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The living spaces of the house open outward toward the beautiful landscape, lapping waves and also catching cool breezes in summer. In winter, these spaces orient inwards toward a warm wood paneling and cozy two-sided fireplace. The dramatic external rooms are created by the broad cantilevered overhangs, providing additional shade from the summer sun as well.



East End House 4

East End House 5

East End House 6

East End House is contemporary but also makes a big reference to the modest early-modern dwellings at the same time. This house settles into its natural environment, prioritizing the views, outdoor living spaces, and the new and old-growth trees. It uses its low profile to minimize its presence on the house site. The board-formed retaining walls and the large board-formed concrete pier support the cantilevered porch.



East End House 7

East End House 8

A familiar regional palette of bluestone, copper, and red cedar sophisticate the construction methods incorporated and passive house strategies that also include energy-recovery ventilation, a continuously insulated envelope, thick insulated framing, and a green roof. These materials provide both environmental and visual reward benefits.

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