Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex: Modern Cultural Facility with Lively Square Frames

Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex 4

The name of Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex building is used in honor of Mr. Joseph Rouleau. He is an artist with the best talent on the world’s biggest stage. This modern building is used to give a high-quality of a cultural facility. It is located in Matane, Quebec and designed by Anne Carrier Architects. The work takes 3 years from 1998 to 2001.

Financial Support

Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex 5

This building is produced by Matane Cultural Building Management as an architect client. The high-quality of its cultural facility makes it gets an awesome financial support from the Quebec government with more than $ 2 million.



Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex 4

Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex is located at the center of a religious site which is highly patrimonial. The building presence is very stand to the area around the site. It can be seen clearly from a distance which is different from other buildings on the site.


Square Frames

Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex 3

Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex 2

The visual of Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex is designed with the lively square frames on its walls. The walls are decorated with awesome frames for the windows and also the doors. The interior of this building becomes so elegant.



Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex 1

This project is about constructing cultural facilities with the best construction ever. It houses the Matane Art Gallery, the Espace F production center, the Fonds Fonds de Solidarité FTQ, and also the Claude-Picher Foundation.

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