Villa Frenay: “Living at the Water” with A One-Storey Bungalow

Villa Frenay 9

Located in Lelystad city, the Netherlands, Villa Frenay is a one-storey bungalow designed by SeventyF. It is a 2010 residential project completed for Family Frenay as a client. “Living at the water” is the concept that responds to this bungalow’s site.

There is a veranda along the entire length of this bungalow’s building on the south side, occupying the most important rooms starting from the bedroom, to the wardrobe, to the master bathroom, to the hobby room, to the kitchen, and ending in the dining and around the living room’s corner area.

Along this south sideline, there is a smooth transition from water to the veranda and to the glass facade completely. It is a perfect cozy living place for those who want to have a connection with nature, not only in form of ground but also water.

Villa Frenay

Villa Frenay 2

Villa Frenay 3

Villa Frenay 4

Villa Frenay 5

Villa Frenay 6

Villa Frenay 7

Villa Frenay 8

Villa Frenay 9

Villa Frenay 10

Villa Frenay 11

Photographer: Luuk Kramer

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