Casa Amigo: Integration of the Inside and Outside under One Roof

Casa Amigo 21

The goal of this residential project is about building a house for permanent residency. Casa Amigo is located in a residential area of the city of Villa de Merlo, San Luis. The construction of this house is completed by Estudio Mono in 2020.


Casa Amigo 23

Casa Amigo 18

Casa Amigo 19

Casa Amigo 20

Casa Amigo 21

Casa Amigo 22

Casa Amigo 15

This permanent residence is designed for a friend with a big interest in a mountainous landscape, folk music, and gastronomy.

The house transforms into a large space for celebration when friends come over. It integrates the inside and outside under one roof awesomely. Card games, wine tasting, and cooking are the coexisting activities in this large space.

This house can generate optimal conditions for thermal comfort because it adapts to the local climate well.



Casa Amigo 16

Casa Amigo 17

Casa Amigo 11

Casa Amigo 12

Casa Amigo 13

Casa Amigo 14

Casa Amigo 8

There are two programmatic blocks made in this project.

The first block is a south-facing service block, developed under an exposed concrete slab. It has a more closed character than another one.

The second block consists of served spaces, developed under a single wooden roof. It has an open character and greater height.



Casa Amigo 9

Casa Amigo 10

Casa Amigo 3

Casa Amigo 4

Casa Amigo 5

Casa Amigo 6

Casa Amigo 7

There is a unique wooden roof over the northern area that extends outwards. This roof creates galleries and eaves, acting as an environmental thickener and allowing the sun to give its warmth in winter. In summer, they protect the area from solar incidence to keep the cool environments.



Casa Amigo 1

Casa Amigo 2

On one hand, the material chosen for this house is related to the expression, fidelity, and low maintenance of exposed brick and concrete. On the other hand, it is related to the maximizing possibility of the connection between inside and outside with glass and steel.


Casa Amigo Gallery

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte

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