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WERKHAUS: Renovation of A Town House with A Strong Interior Design

Gogl Architekten is assigned to renovate this townhouse located in Tirol, Austria. WERKHAUS is a renovation project that started in 2016 and completed in 2017. The planning, interior design, and furniture planning are done by the architect. The aim is to create a strong appearance that comes from the use of black elements and wood materials.

WIESENHOF: A Single-Family House Conversion with A Generous Living and Leisure Space

Designed by Gogl Architekten, this single-family house is located in Austria with 565 m² in size. WIESENHOF is a conversion project completed in 2012, owned by a client that requests a getaway as a place of peace and contemplation with a strong relationship to the nature surrounding it. It is a symbiosis of spatial openness and enclosed areas with a generous living and leisure space.

HAUS WALDE: A New Construction of A Single-Family House with Earthly Materials

It is a 2012 project of new construction in a single-family house designed by Gogl Architekten. HAUS WALDE is located in Austria with 383 m² in size, owned by a client that wants to have an open, light-filled room with a beautiful backdrop of the Kitzbühl Alps. The new construction is also supported by earthly materials with a contrast to the modern design.