Simple House: A Concrete House with A Humble Low Lying Curved Roof

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The main inspiration for Simple House designed by Moon Hoon is the client’s secretive lifestyle. Located on Jeju Island, South Korea, this concrete house has a humble low lying curved roof that gives a lot of homage to the traditional homes of Jeju.


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Jeju is an island in South Korea with strong weather that changes instantaneously. There are a lot of basalt rocks that demarcate fields and individual houses. The scene of the landscape is created by Orum, a little hill that can be found everywhere on the site.

This island is sort of an exotica among Koreans where its vegetation and weather remind them of tropic areas and it was home for many exiles from the mainland.



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The architect uses the secretive lifestyle of the client as the main inspiration to design this house. The first plan was a bunker-like home trenched into the earth with an atrium in the middle.


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Simple House 9

This house is divided into two areas: a submerged area and a floating area. The homage to the traditional homes of Jeju is the house’s humble low lying curved roof. Inside, there is a stair library that becomes the main highlight of the interior.



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Multiple points are brought by the house’s rotation to the living areas. This rotation is also used to create a lot of large verandas to accommodate different outdoor functions.

The final result of this project is the client’s wish that can be fulfilled and the happy architect that has been to two extremities of spatial qualities and experiences in this project.


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Photography: Moon Hoon

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