10 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Relaxing Tub

Villa Amsterdam 5

By adding a tub to your master bathroom remodel project, you can remove all your stress after work. It becomes one of the best ways to transform your master bathroom into a comfortable room.

If your need more inspiration, here are 10 master bathroom remodel ideas with a relaxing tub:

1. Mountain View Double Gable Eichler by Klopf Architecture, Flegels Construction, Sezen & Moon Structural Engineer, Outer Space Landscape Architects

Mountain View Double Gable Eichler 5

Designed by Klopf Architecture, Flegels Construction, Sezen & Moon Structural Engineer, and Outer Space Landscape Architects, Mountain View Double Gable Eichler has a new layout. The master bathroom remodel idea with a relaxing tub in this house is about combining a white surface with a wood element.

Photographer: Mariko Reed


2. Old Town Apartments by Rokas Puzinas and Ieva Prunskaite from Prusta Ltd Architecture and Construction

Old Town Apartments 3

The contemporary interior with a rich harmonious design in Old Town Apartments also can be seen in its master bathroom. A white relaxing tub with a contemporary style is placed close to the textured wall. The white sinks can complete and balance the tub appearance.

Photography: Leonas Garbaciauskas


3. Widely Open Eyes by Ieva Prunskaite

Widely Open Eyes 6

In Widely Open Eyes, the master bathroom remodel idea with a relaxing tub is about creating a bright atmosphere by using one main color: white. The tub is white, including the sink and the room floor. A patterned dark wall is also added to create a decorative look.

Photography: Leonas Garbaciauskas


4. East Williamsburg Rowhouse by Alexandra Barker

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 4

This wood frame row house has a relaxing tub in its small master bathroom. The master bathroom remodel idea with a relaxing tub in East Williamsburg Rowhouse is also completed with granite tiles that are used for the bathroom floor.

Photography: Francis Dzikowski/OTTO


5. Tribeca Duplex Combination by Barker Associates Architecture Office

Tribeca Duplex Combination 2

The relaxing tub in Tribeca Duplex Combination is simple with its white look. It is a project of two apartments floor where the master bathroom is designed in white. The only wood element comes from the storage below the sink.

Photography: Barker Associates Architecture Office


6. South Slope Brooklyn Townhouse by Alexandra Barker

South Slope Brooklyn Townhouse 5

In South Slope Brooklyn Townhouse, the small relaxing tub in its master bathroom is also used as the area for a shower. This master bathroom is designed with white tiles for its wall while the floor is beautified with dark tiles.

Photographer: Francis Dzikowski


7. Moscow Evenings by Kerimov Architects

Moscow Evenings 25

Designed by Kerimov Architects, the relaxing tub in Moscow Evenings is placed on a corner where there is a small window with awesome views. Surrounded by a warm atmosphere that comes from the beige tiles, this tub is big and it becomes the main highlight for the bathroom.

Photographer: Sergey Ananiev


8. E2211 House by Ravel Architecture

E2211 House 1

In E2211 House, the relaxing tub comes in a simple style with its white look. Designed by Ravel Architecture, the master bathroom in this house is dominated by the use of white tiles. The wood element comes from the storage of the bathroom.

Photographer: Chase Daniel


9. Villa Amsterdam by HofmanDujardin

Villa Amsterdam 5

You can also get inspiration from the master bathroom remodel idea with a relaxing tub in this villa. Villa Amsterdam is designed by HofmanDujardin. This villa has a big bathroom where the white big tub is placed in the middle of the room. Surrounded by wood materials, one also can enjoy the views from the big windows.

Photographer: Matthijs van Roon


10. House Akerdijk by Arjen Reas Architecten

House Akerdijk 8

Grey and white are used to design the master bathroom in House Akerdijk. Designed by Arjen Reas Architecten, the master bathroom remodel idea with a relaxing tub in this house is about adding a big tub and completing it with the use of grey tiles.

PhotographerLuc Buthker

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