E2211 House: A Modern House with A Poured-in-Place Concrete Wall

E2211 House 2

It is a modern house that features a semi-connected kitchen with built-in appliances. E2211 House is designed by Ravel Architecture, offering a comfortable living place with a poured-in-place concrete wall. A boundary to the private north-facing entry garden can be created by using this wall.


E2211 House 1

E2211 House 2

E2211 House 3

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E2211 House 7

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E2211 House 9

E2211 House 10

In order to maximize the outdoor space, the building is justified to the back area of the lot. The courtyard and dining area are connected by large double-storey glazing for outdoor or indoor feels. It is a house that features a semi-connected kitchen with built-in appliances to deliver entertaining conversation zones.



E2211 House 11

E2211 House 12

E2211 House 13

E2211 House 14

E2211 House 15

E2211 House 16

E2211 House 17

E2211 House 18

The ground floor master of the house has exterior access and a unique combination bathroom closet while the second-floor den overlooks the dining room out to the yard on the north. During the day, the warm light is balanced by a southern clerestory window to provide natural illumination to every room.

Throughout the house, handmade rift-sawn white oak cabinetry is also featured to highlight the interior inside.


E2211 House Gallery


Photographer: Chase Daniel

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