White Cave: A Simple Modern House with A Rough Concrete Finish

White Cave 16

Completed in 2006 by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier, White Cave is a residential project built on a hill overlooking the city in Japan. It is a simple modern house with a roof and outer walls left with a rough concrete finish.


White Cave 1

White Cave 2

White Cave 3

White Cave 4

White Cave 5

At the time of development, the planned site of this project has an irregular shape and there is also a height difference of 2 m within this site. From the west to the south, the trees around Kofun Park are approaching across the road of the village. The north side is in contact with some adjacent lands while the east side has the city area’s view.



White Cave 6

White Cave 7

White Cave 8

White Cave 9

White Cave 10

The building is placed alongside the road of the village and it is arranged across the height difference of 2M on the site so its charm can be inserted into the room. Each room has a layout that is decided along the road of the village.



White Cave 11

White Cave 12

White Cave 13

White Cave 14

White Cave 15

The site’s irregular shape and the complicated context around it are brought to the building by the architect. The angle of the wall is changed a little so the impression of space and the way people move can change.


White Cave 16

White Cave 17

White Cave 18

White Cave 19

White Cave 20

With a rough concrete finish on the roof and outer walls and the expressed openings, the concrete thickness can be seen as if it has been hollowed out. These characteristics are continued by the architect with the building such as the dense trees and the tumulus park’s tranquility.

With the slight amplitude of the building’s volume, a hard and static object such as concrete can respond to the surrounding environment as a living place.


White Cave Gallery


Photographer: Noriyuki Yano (Nacasa & Partners Inc.,)

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