Old Town Apartments: Old Apartment with Contemporary Interior and Rich, Harmonious Design

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Old Town Apartment is a 2018 project by Rokas Puzinas and Ieva Prunskaite from Prusta Ltd Architecture and Construction. This living place is designed with contemporary interior and rich, harmonious design on its 123 meter square of the total area. The main idea is about designing the best interior of an apartment that can reflect the shades of the Old Town of Vilnius which are beautiful.


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The facade is cozy with awesome texture and colors. The contemporary interior is designed with some old bricks and wooden balks, especially for the building structure. Those materials are natural, vibrant, and also real that can create a rich, harmonious, and also tidy contemporary interior in this apartment.



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Even though the contemporary interior of this apartment looks a little bit old, the beauty of Old Town still can be seen clearly. Both of the facade and the inner courtyards of the living place have a cozy wall. This wall is designed with unique colors and texture, creating an interesting design for the whole building.



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The exposed beams can be found almost on all rooms inside the apartment. Those beams look awesome with the wooden floor and hundred of old bricks. The apartment building has an old structure with old pine boards. The structure has been restored and also preserved for the next generations of residents.



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Some colors of the contemporary interior in this apartment come from the shadows of the house facade. With a help of natural and real materials, the interior becomes richer and also uncluttered. Other colors also come from the beautiful paint of the wall, especially in the master bedroom and nursery room.



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Old Town Apartments 3

The nursery room is long and narrow with some unique things. One part of the wall is designed with old bricks and the rest is painted in white. The ceiling is high with a beautiful window that brings natural light into the room. Another interesting design of the contemporary interior can be found in the master bathroom.

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The bathroom is cozy with a darker atmosphere and different materials. The double sinks are placed on vintage storage, offering a unique look which is different from other bathrooms. In the dining area, the patterned wall is designed and applied on the wooden floor, offering more decorative design to this area.

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