Connecting with Nature: A Sustainable Villa with A Connection to Nature

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Completed in April 2014 by i29 Interior Architects, Connecting with Nature is a project of a sustainable villa that was built on the edge of Kennemer Duinen. Besides a connection to nature, the starting point for the interior of this villa also includes perfect detailing.


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This villa was built on the edge of Kennemer Duinen, an area with a beautiful nature reserve in the Dutch dunes. It is a villa designed with the utmost respect for nature and man, complete with glass facades to unite the landscape and the villa.



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The starting point for this villa interior is perfect detailing, minimalism, loads of daylight, and also a connection with nature. Special attention is given to the energy efficiency and sustainability of the house. It is also a villa that has geothermal energy storage, solar panels, and a heat pump.



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For the beds, sliding doors, walls, wardrobes, bespoke cabinets, and fireplace, the architect uses pinewood panels. The material can get a high-end feeling as well thanks to the fine details. The different areas of this villa also can be connected by the pinewood, including connecting the house to its surrounding nature.


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Photography: i29 Interior Architects

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