10 Amazing Modern Bathroom Ideas

E2211 House 1

A modern bathroom is usually characterized by streamlined appliances and finishes. Soft colors with a combination of different materials also can be used to create a modern bathroom. Need more ideas to design a modern bathroom? Here are 10 amazing modern bathroom ideas for you.

1. Nasledie by Kerimov Architect

Nasledie 21

Designed by Kerimov Architects, Nasledie is a modern apartment located in Moscow. The awesome modern interior design in this apartment also can be seen in its bathroom. The modern bathroom idea in this apartment is about using a high mirror to create a larger look.

Photographer: Dmitry Chebanenk


2. E2211 House by Ravel Architecture

E2211 House 1

Designed by Ravel Architecture, E2211 House is a modern house that offers a comfortable living place. For the modern bathroom idea in this house, the use of white tiles dominates the bathroom interior, especially the wall and floor.

Photographer: Chase Daniel

3. Victoria Residence by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Jacks House The Victorian Residence Mixed With Modern Detailing 3

Developed as a monolithic stone remnant, Victoria Residence is a modern residence designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects. Its softer and comforting interior also can be found in its bathroom. The wood element, green tiles, and a high mirror are combined to beautify this bathroom.

Photographer: Anton van Straaten


4. House in Kyoto by Joe Chikamori

House In Kyoto 3

Completed in 2019 by Joe Chikamori, House in Kyoto is a family house with a modern structure and traditional Japanese style. This combination of structure and style also can be found in its bathroom. The modern bathroom idea in this house is simple, beautified with a white bathtub and a colorful wall.

Photographer: Yosuke Ohtake

5. Link Farm House by Slade Architecture

Link Farm House 17

Located in Dutchess County NY, Link Farm House is a private home designed by Slade Architecture. Inside this house’s bathroom, the modern bathroom idea is about using blue tiles to decorate the bathroom walls and floors. This blue atmosphere is completed with a white sink.

Photographer: Tom Sibley

6. Glenhaven Residence by Abramson Architects

Glenhaven Residence 6

It is a single-family residence designed by Abramson Architects located in Pacific Palisades. Glenhaven Residence has a comfortable modern bathroom that is dominated by white elements to beautify the interior.

Photographer: Jim Bartsch

7. N8A House by Holz Architekten

N8A House 8

If you love all about wood elements, try this modern bathroom idea. In N8A House, the modern bathroom is designed by using wood elements, especially for its floor, furniture, and shower area. This can make the bathroom looks interesting and different from others.

Photographer: Zooey Braun

8. The Bookend House by ORA

The Bookend House 1

Located in Santa Monica, California, Bookend House is designed by ORA as a family house. The modern bathroom idea in this house is about a play of colors and materials where bright colors are used to beautify the interior while the different materials can show how different textures can create an awesome appearance.

Photography: ORA


9. Brooklyn Brownstone by Murdock Solon Architects

Brooklyn Brownstone 2

A modern bathroom idea in Brooklyn Brownstone is about using different colors to decorate the interior inside that comes from different things: brown from the wooden color of the storage, white from the wall paint, and grey from the use of grey tiles for the wall.

Photographer: Russell Gera

10. Easton Residence by Diebel and Company

Easton Residence 10

Designed by Diebel and Company, Easton Residence has a beautiful bright modern bathroom. The modern bathroom idea in this house is about using white as the main color to beautify the interior. This color comes from the storage, wall, sink, and tiles on the wall. The only contrast look can be seen on the bathroom floor that is designed with black tiles.

Photographer: Obeo

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