Far Sight House 22

Far Sight House: A Home of Two Stories with Different Expressions of Material and Composition

Located in Bukit Timah, Singapore with 4250 sqft in size, Far Sight House sits on high ground with wonderful views overlooking the greener. It is a residential project by Wallflower Architecture + Design with a brief from a client: designing a two-storey home with a roof terrace and an attic. This house is designed with different expressions of material and composition as well.

Travertine Dream House 18

Travertine Dream House: A Modern House with A Lot of Gardens and Water Bodies

Designed by Wallflower Architecture, Travertine Dream House is a residential project located in Singapore. The brief for this house is simple: maximizing the usable area of the house and incorporating greenery. Travertine is used for the architectural finish copiously. A lot of gardens and water bodies are spread throughout the house while its design is inspired by the Italian urbanscape.

Enclosed Open House 12

Enclosed Open House: A Spacious, Contemporary House for Serenity Experience

Located in East Coast, Singapore, Enclosed Open House is a residential project of a contemporary house with 12,800 sqft in size. The solution for the owners in this project who want to have a spacious house that would be as open as possible without compromising privacy and security is a fully fenced compound with a spatial program. This house becomes the place for the owners to experience serenity.