Wood House: New Interventions with A Contemporary Design and Materials

Wood House 4

It is an interior project designed by NAME Architecture. Located in Paris, France with 120 m2 in size, Wood House is designed to create contemporary living conditions. The new interventions are about an ingenious reconfiguration of space which is contemporary in design and materials. The result is a comfortable interior with stunning contrast.


Wood House 1

This house is owned by clients that live in a Parisian apartment that previously owned by an antique dealer. The dealer created a large Empire style room lined with awesome wooden panels and marquetry.

Wood House 2

It is a 40 sqm space that completely disproportionate to the overall size of the flat and used as the parents’ bedroom with a small kitchen and bathroom. The brief is to reconfigure the layouts completely, accomodating the growing family and lifestyle, and preserving the Hausmanian cachet of the original flat.



Wood House 3

More proportionate rooms are created so the architect ables to add a shower room and a third bedroom. An arch between the new kitchen and unaltered living room is also opened to bring daylight from two directions into the living area.



Wood House 4

There is a contrast created between the existing features and new insertions, enhancing the latter and also providing this apartment with a fresh look on its classical appearance. This way also creates continuity and dialogue between new and old.



Wood House 5

The new interventions are contemporary in both design and materials with some intemporal materials like marble and oak to provide a feeling of classic continuity to the modern design inside the spaces. The original wooden ornamentation on the walls is also retained and new bespoke joinery is incorporated to increase practical storage space and respecting the space original charm too.


Wood House Gallery


Photography: NAME Architecture

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