A Peaceful and Harmonious Home for A Large Family

A Peaceful And Harmonious Home For A Large Family 9

Aizhana Kunayeva and Aidana Koshumbayeva from Akka Interiors Studio have completed a residential project of a spacious 300 m² apartment for a large family in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is an exciting project filled with new and creative ideas.

This apartment was designed for a lively, travel-loving young woman. The design was influenced by her energetic lifestyle and strong connection to her cultural roots. Her family’s way of life and their love for their homeland marked the initial process of this project.

The aim was to create a comfortable and welcoming without lots of decoration. It was necessary to make it special, as well as personal areas for the children while keeping a consistent look throughout the home.

The designers started by combining two apartments into one large, bright space. It is a filled-light apartment with windows all around, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. The flexible design fits the changing needs of the family. The smart and practical features make the home functional and comfortable at the same time.

The kitchen and living room is the heart of the home. The request of the client was to make these areas separate but connected. Instead of a regular dining table, the kitchen is equipped with a bar counter for socializing.

The cozy living room is perfect for chatting and relaxing. This room has a big corner sofa, soft chairs, and large windows with a beautiful view of the Almaty mountains. There is an elegant bio fireplace and glass cabinets in this room while the TV is hidden behind sliding panels.

A peaceful space with big windows is in the main bedroom. These windows allow lots of light to enter the room while showing off panoramic views at the same time. Inside the room, there is a big dressing room, a private bathroom, and a quiet corner for working.

Each teenager’s room has a different style. The boy’s room looks more structured and masculine while the girls’ rooms are feminine and softer. Each room has its own dressing room. This house also has bathrooms and a laundry room with a utility area.

Aizhana Kunayeva and Aidana Koshumbayeva define this awesome project as creating a peaceful and harmonious home. Nature inspired them to blend the inside of the home with the outdoor surroundings.

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Akka Interiors Studio, interior designers Aizhana Kunayeva, Aidana Koshumbayeva
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Photo credit Damir Otegen
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