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Tiny Tower: A Tower-Like House with Six Levels of Usable Space and A Folded Plate Metal Stair

In 2018, Interface Studio Architects has been completed a residential project in Philadelphia, the U.S called Tiny Tower. With 1250 ft² in size, this tower-like house sits on a 12’ by 29’ lot whose similarly scaled neighbors are currently used as rear yards and single-car parking for the adjacent houses. The building offers six levels of usable space and a folded plate metal stair with winder treads.

Outside-In House: A Modest Facade with A Modern Interior and Wood-Clad Core

Outside-In House is a residential project by Interface Studio Architects located in Philadelphia, the U.S. This project is completed in 2017 in a developing edge neighborhood. The result of this project is a simple house with a modern interior and a modest facade, completed with a wood-clad core to define the entire design of the house.

El Chalet: An Apartment Building with A Clear Roofline and An Intimacy with the Railroad

Located in Philadelphia, United States, El Chalet is a 2014 project of a 6-unit apartment building by Interface Studio Architects. This project shifts a program to the long edge of a narrow site in East Kensington, along the busy Frankford-Market elevated Blue Line. This apartment has a clear roofline and an intimacy with the near railroad.

Sheridan Street: An Affordable Housing with A Green Space for Sustainable Living

This affordable housing is located in Sheridan Street, Philadelphia, the U.S, designed by Interface Studio Architects. Sheridan Street is a 2011 project that can encourage sustainable living, built as required by the project funding source with a green space and car parking. This housing can support its environment and also urban neighborhoods.

Golden Nugget: The Three-Unit Building with Unique Views and Outdoor Decks

Designed by Interface Studio Architects, Golden Nugget is a 2018 project located in Philadelphia, the U.S. It is a three-unit building that sandwiched between two vacant parcels and occupies a lot of fronting the train line. The building has a facade geometry that provides unique views and outdoor decks with a view of the train.