SAB House: A Modern House with Concrete Slabs and Stone-Clad Walls

SAB House 66

Completed in 2020 by PSV Arquitectura, SAB House is a modern house project located in Argentina. This 408 m2 house begins with the stone-clad walls arranged from north to south and the concrete slabs in situ from east to west.


SAB House 2

SAB House 3

SAB House 4

SAB House 5

SAB House 6

SAB House 7

SAB House 8

SAB House 9

SAB House 10

SAB House 11

SAB House 13

SAB House 14

SAB House 15

SAB House 16

SAB House 18

This house develops on the ground floor longitudinally that starts from a grid where private functions are placed on one side and public functions on the other. These can allow the house to have a constant integration with nature in cross ventilation and interior, including complying with the premise of the design: all spaces are oriented towards the north.



SAB House 19

SAB House 20

SAB House 21

SAB House 22

SAB House 23

SAB House 25

SAB House 26

SAB House 27

SAB House 28

SAB House 29

SAB House 30

SAB House 31

SAB House 32

SAB House 33

SAB House 34

A direct result of the structural logic of this house is the grid on the elevation. Began with the concrete slabs and the stone-clad walls, it continues with the beams that are arranged to the plates with wooden slabs and ceilings then ends with the stone tank. This tank is defined as the house’s iconic finish.

The exterior language is unified with the mobile iron parasols’ placement that offers privacy between the house spaces, protecting from the west sunlight as well.


SAB House 35

SAB House 36

SAB House 37

SAB House 38

SAB House 39

SAB House 40

SAB House 41

SAB House 42

SAB House 43

This house directs and opens its awesome visuals awesomely towards the main patio and therefore towards the horizontal slits of light and ventilation and the neighborhood´s golf courses are generated between the beginning of the slabs and the end of the concrete walls on the exterior facades, south, and north.



SAB House 46

SAB House 47

SAB House 48

SAB House 49

SAB House 50

SAB House 51

SAB House 52

SAB House 53

SAB House 54

SAB House 55

SAB House 56

SAB House 57

This house is characterized by material, structural, and functional sincerity with clear tours thanks to the visual link between spaces and the spaces’ distribution. The route from the entrance hall of the house to any rooms inside is characterized by a feeling of comfort and a dynamic movement, resulting from the combination of the used materials with the interior design.


SAB House Gallery


Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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