TLV Apartment 3: A Modern Apartment with Neutral Interiors and Black-White Accents

TLV Apartment 3 5

This modern apartment has neutral interiors designed by Perri Interior Design, working together with Preiss Architects for the architecture. TLV Apartment 3 offers a comfortable 55 square meters size with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The neutral interiors can make this apartment looks elegant and cozy while the black-white accents are added with the decoration and furniture.


TLV Apartment 3 1

TLV Apartment 3 2

As a modern apartment, TLV Apartment 3 has an elegant interior without too many highlights. This apartment offers a simple space with a more intimate atmosphere for a family. The warm feeling spreads to all rooms with the white and grey background on the walls. In order to create a strong look, the black-white furniture and decoration are added into some of the rooms.



TLV Apartment 3 3

TLV Apartment 3 4

From the rooftop area of TLV Apartment 3, the awesome views of white buildings from the city can be seen clearly. This white look feels the same as the white atmosphere inside the apartment. In order to get more benefits from the awesome view, there is a beautiful glass door with a small balcony near the living and dining area. The residents can enjoy the view while having relaxed times.



TLV Apartment 3 5

TLV Apartment 3 6

With the white walls, some rooms are beautified with black accents to create a decorative interior. In the kitchen, the “6” image is designed and applied on the kitchen door. The living room has a black sofa with a black small table located under the flat TV. Above the sofa, the wall is decorated with some portraits that framed in black and put on black shelves too.



TLV Apartment 3 7

TLV Apartment 3 8

In the bedroom, the black headboard has the same design as the big black wardrobe. The bed is arranged with three different colors of pillows: white, grey, and black. The small balcony becomes another perfect place to enjoy the city view with outdoor furniture. By using two different rugs, the living and dining area in the main space of the apartment feels warmer and comfortable.



TLV Apartment 3 9

TLV Apartment 3 10

The different color theme can be seen from these two rooms: a bathroom and a living room. The bathroom has a full bright background with its white walls. The grey accent only comes from bathroom storage. It is quite different and contrasts with the living room that has a strong black accent comes from the sofa, frames, and also lamps.

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