Bayside House: A Single-Family House with Retaining Walls and Glazing for Maximum Daylight

Bayside House 5

Designed by Grzywinski+Pons for an extended family in the Bayside neighborhood of the Borough of Queens in New York City, Bayside House offers a comfortable single-family house three generations under the same roof. In essence, it is a two-family house designed with retaining walls and glazing to allow maximum daylight penetration.


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Bayside House 5

It is a 3200 square foot triplex home located in New York City. The architect disguises this project’s bilk and complies with the zoning regulations. It is also kept lower than most of its mock Tudor neighbors by locating a lot of programs below grade. It has a second yard too that excavated away from the street elevation.



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The retaining walls and glazing of this house are configured, allowing maximum daylight penetration. This configuration allows the two lower levels to have contiguous exterior and interior space. The amount of hardscape is minimized because the yard comes in a small size.

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The client desires to live in an uncluttered, open, bright, and clean environment. The architect doesn’t see the inclusion of the grandparents and young children and that intention as exclusive. The architect decides to create a lot of strategically placed and evenly distributed built-in storage, including specified finishes that are warm and durable.


Bayside House Gallery


Photography: Grzywinski+Pons

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