3 Ways To Alter Your Home As You Approach Your Twilight Years

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For those getting on in age yet still maintaining their health, aging in place could be a possibility as opposed to having to move into an assisted living facility. However, for most homes, some changes would need to be made to the home in order for you to be safe and secure on that property once you’re less mobile and more prone to accidents.

To help you see what additions or subtractions should be made to your property, here are three ways you should alter your home as you approach your twilight years. 

Focus On Walkways

One of the biggest areas of your home that you should focus your attention on when making the space safe for aging in place is the walkways. Your goal with the walkways should be to make it very difficult for a slip, trip, or fall to take place. You should also seek to make walkways larger in case you have to use a walker or wheelchair at any point.

As far as the actual materials to use on the walkways, Alyssa Abkowitz, a contributor to BBC.com, recommends that you install flooring that’s going to be slip resistant. This should include flooring like carpet but exclude flooring that requires you to use too many rugs, which can be a slipping or tripping hazard. 

Rearrange Storage

The way that you have your home laid out as far as storage is concerned might also need to change as you get older. 

According to AgingInPlace.org, you should avoid putting things on high shelves that you’d either have to reach too far to grab or that would require you to use a step stool of some kind. And for the lower cabinets that would usually require someone to bend down to look into and use, installing a pull out shelving unit will make life a whole lot easier. 

Add More Lights

As you age, your eyes often will find it harder to see clearly. Knowing this, you may want to install some additional lightning around your home to help compensate for a loss in eyesight.

When you’re installing the added lighting, Savannah Sher, a contributor to BobVila.com, recommends that you use switches that rock or toggle rather than dimmer switches or more traditional light switches. Because many seniors lose dexterity in their fingers, rocking or toggle switches will make it much easier to turn the lights on and off as you age. And since being able to see what you’re doing or where you’re going will make you much safer when moving around your house, you’ll want to make it easy to switch all of the lights on. 

If you’re wanting to stay in your home as you age, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to adjust your home so you’re safe and comfortable. 

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