Clifton 2A: A Modern House with External Living and Entertaining Functions

Clifton 2A 7

With 1 120 m2 in size, Clifton 2A is a modern house located in Clifton, South Africa. Overlooking the beautiful Clifton and Camps Bay beaches, this project has been completed in 2014 by SAOTA Architecture and Design. This house also contains all external living and entertaining functions. The interiors are designed by Janine Lazard Interiors.


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The best thing about this modern house is people inside can enjoy the beautiful Clifton and Camps Bay beaches. It is an awesome house that formed around a sculpted courtyard. For everyday needs, it contains all external living and entertaining functions.



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Clifton 2A 3

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The unique shape of the kitchen island in this house becomes the main interior decoration. This kitchen is also designed with a large rack to put wines. In the dining area, the strong appearance comes from the black chair while the elegant touch from the glass dining table.



Clifton 2A 7

Clifton 2A 1

Clifton 2A 2

The swimming pool becomes an additional place where the views can be enjoyed. The bathroom in this house is designed with glazed walls to let the stunning views outside can be seen easily. It is a perfect house for those who want to have a pleasant time within a beautiful landscape.


Clifton 2A Gallery


Photographer: Adam Letch

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