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Crest House: A Warm Family Bach with Soft Concrete and Timber Finishes

The main goal of this residential project is to create spaces where the surrounding environment is welcomed into the house continuously. Designed by Make Architects, Crest House is a warm family bach located in Mangawhai Heads, a township in Northland, New Zealand. Inside the house, the spaces are embraced warmly by walls and ceilings made with soft concrete and timber finishes.

Rawhiti House: A Character House with A Longer Entrance Corridor and New Addition

This awesome house is located in One Tree Hill, a 182-meter volcanic peak in Auckland, New Zealand. Designed by Make Architects, Rawhiti House is renovated to meet the need of the client that has an expanding young family. The renovation is done to increase the living space size and at the same time also adding a new bedroom and suite.

H House: A Cottage Renovation with A New Interior and New Covered Deck

This early 1900s cottage is located Onehunga, a suburb of Auckland in New Zealand. Transformed by Make Architects, H House is renovated and modernized to give it a new life. This new life is inserted into the interior of the house. A New covered deck is also designed to connect the interior spaces with the exterior environment.

S House: A Modern House with A Covered Deck and Simplicity of An Economical Form

Designed by Make Architects, S House sits on a narrow site in the western Waitakere Ranges of Auckland, in northern New Zealand. It is a residential project of a modern house that lifts out of the contours of a sloping site with a covered deck and simplicity of an economical form. The stunning maximum views across the Manukau Harbour can be seen from this house.

Ridge House: A Four-Bedroom House with A Lower Level Garage and Stunning Views

This four-bedroom house is located in Titirangi, a suburb in the Waitākere Ward of Auckland in northern New Zealand. Ridge House sits on a ridge in the Waitakere Ranges on South Titirangi road with stunning views to the Manukau Harbour. Make Architects designs a lower level garage in an existing area that has been excavated.