7 Home Décor Ideas for Your Living Room

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A home is a place where we can be our true selves. In order to do this, it is important that we feel comfortable at our home which will be possible with our favorite décor items. We spend the maximum time inside our living rooms and it also marks the first impression on guests and visitors. So, let’s check out seven home décor ideas for our living rooms. One can avail of up to 20% discount on decoration items from Kohl’s.

In this article, we will be discussing seven home décor ideas that will be perfect for your living room decoration.

1. Place artworks and paintings

You might have seen in movies and dramas that mansions have large paintings and portraits in their corridors and living areas. Well, you can also do the same while staying within your budget. Moreover, the artwork will display your taste and choice which will be more than sufficient for making that first impression.

You must understand that empty walls don’t look good, especially in the living room area. But it should also be noted that pasting the walls with portraits everywhere can seem a bit overcompensating. We suggest you stick to the thumb rule of 1 portrait and 2 paintings for an average-sized living room. There is currently a 50% discount on selected portraits on Michaels that you must check out. If you are not satisfied with the frame that your favorite portrait has been shipped with, you can choose from a plethora of options available on Hobby Lobby, Wayfair, kohl’s etc. that are available at a limited period price slash of 30%.

2. Select an appropriate position for furniture

The living room is one such place where people share the most vivid memories of their lives. The area should be kept appropriately occupied with furniture and their positioning is also important. The place should not look like a yard sale of precariously picked furniture and neither should they be at such a distance that people are not interested in socializing. Always keep your sofa set away from the wall so that it gives your living room a spacious appeal irrespective of the fact that it is small.

If your side chairs, sofa sets, coffee tables have lost their charm, it would be a good idea to do a quick renovation with wood varnish or if you are looking for a replacement, you can always get them replaced at Costco for affordable prices.

3. Spread luscious rugs and carpets

Area rugs and carpets are one of the few overlooked aspects of home décor. They can be a problem for people who don’t consider certain simple rules while purchasing their desired rugs and carpets. One must note that if the living room area is big enough to accommodate multiple area rugs beneath the furniture set-ups, there should be enough gap for the bare floor so that cleaning activities can be undertaken at ease.

Area rugs should be complementary to your furniture and the overall mood of the room. They should not be of contrasting colors because it can cause an eyesore for inhabitants and visitors. You can keep a dark-colored carpet for lighter shades of furniture and vice versa. However, avoid bright colors for your area rugs and carpets. Costco is offering a minimum of 25% discount on carpets that are worth checking out. Area rugs give a wholesome appeal to the living room when the prominent furniture is placed on top of it. However, if your living area is considerably smaller, you can place the front two legs of the furniture on the area rug.

4. Explore different ways of lighting

Now lighting is the essential part of any living area because it provides a spacious and warm feel to the living area. It is important that the living room should be positioned in a well-lit corner of the house, preferably with more than one window. However, if you happen to live inside an apartment, natural illumination might not be possible. In that case, you can install artificial lights like chandeliers, mini lamps, and even copper lights on the ceiling.

With the help of lighting, one can focus on dedicated areas within their living room. For instance, at a party, nobody would be interested in watching TV and if the entertainment center works on a dedicated lighting system, it can be switched off during a get-together. During a dinner party, the mini lamps around the dining area can be switched on while the others remain switched off so that people can focus on food and bonding. Users can save up to 20% with the help of Michaels coupons on different lighting devices.

5. Organizing cabinets and shelves

The living area can be your small exhibition of prized possessions like awards, shields, crockery, china sets, diecast sets, etc. With appropriate lighting and cabinet choice, people can give the perfect look to their living room shelves. The best thing about redecorating the shelves within the living area is that people don’t have to buy new decorative items and it can be done with existing items.

Moreover, Wayfair is offering up to a 40% discount on display cabinets and shelves. They have a wide variety of shelves that you can choose from and even modify according to your own use in the living area.

6. Coloring and painting the area

The living room is one of the most regularly occupied areas in homes. Therefore, the color scheme of this area has to be chosen cautiously. One can choose from a wide variety of different shades in red and crimson to neutral shades like grey and blackish colors. Whatever color you might choose, it should be visible enough to display your acute sense of décor. You can choose different colors for different walls so as to emphasize that particular area.

Painting your living area can prove to be one of the most budget-friendly home décor decisions because painting will cost you much less than redesigning your complete living area with furniture and other decorative items. One can take up the task of painting their living room themselves with available tools and items.

7. Add a dash of nature

Greenery is one such aspect that fits just perfectly in every space. If you are running really tight on budget, you can try decorating your living area with potted plants and hanging plants which are available on Hobby Lobby at a starting price of $2 only. These shrubs demand low-maintenance while offering a great natural look to their installation place.


Choosing the right item to decorate your living room can be tiresome if you don’t have the right idea of redecorating. However, this article is expected to solve all your queries regarding home décor for the living room. Also, don’t forget to check out appropriate coupons and offers from coupon websites  where they have amazing offers for all your shopping needs!

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