Apartment with A View: Two Flats Combination with Modern Interior and Muted Colors

Apartment With A View 12

With a combination of two flats, Apartment with View located on the seventh floor with its awesome modern interior and muted color design. The main space in this apartment is divided into two areas with the same zone concept: daily and intimate. Designed by Atelier Starzak Strebicki, Apartment with A View becomes the most comfortable apartment in Poland.


Apartment With A View 1

Apartment With A View 2

Apartment With A View 3

The first zone in this house consists of some main rooms such as a bedroom, a wardrobe, and also a bathroom. The second zone houses a dining room, a kitchen, a living room, and also an entry area with a utility room and a toilet.



Apartment With A View 4

Apartment With A View 5

Apartment With A View 6

The public and private spaces are separated by sliding doors. These doors act as mobile walls that can provide the owner to use all spaces in this apartment based on all changing needs. It makes every space is very useful in daily life.



Apartment With A View 7

Apartment With A View 8

Apartment With A View 9

The interior design of this apartment is not only modern but also colorful. The muted color can define the interior well, creating a background for some interior elements. The interior becomes more bright and also interesting to be seen.



Apartment With A View 10

Apartment With A View 11

Apartment With A View 12

Apartment with A View has a complete atmosphere with the ashen floor. The white, blue, pink, and also green mosaic can decorate every room in a fun way. Those colors also make some rooms have a good look, like an entry zone, kitchen, and also a bathroom.

Photographer: Mateusz Bieniaszczyk

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