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FARMSUP: A Tiny House for A Simple Life and Simple Daily Happiness in Life

This tiny house is designed as an escape from the monotony of the city for a partner. FARMSUP is designed by I LIKE DESIGN STUDIO who works together with ChaleeyaDESIGN Co., Ltd for the interior. With 100 sqm of the total construction area, this house is perfect for a simple life and simple daily happiness in life.

PICHAI HOUSE: A Private House with A Simple Geometry and Awesome Architectural System

Located in the middle-density residential area of Bueng Kum in Bangkok, PICHAI HOUSE is designed as a private house by Kittiya Architects. With simple geometry and an awesome architectural system, this house is transformed into a retreated living place with a lively environment for neighbors.

11 II Residence: A New House and Office with Additional Programs

Superimposed on top of the approximate L-shaped footprint, 11 II Residence is a new three-bedroom, two-storied house designed by Beautbureau. This house is located in Bangkok, Thailand, designed with additional programs. The unique appearance comes from the black latticed facades, prefabricated panels made of wood plastic composite. This project is completed in 2020 with 550 sqm of the total area.

Banyan Tree Riverside Residence: An Iconic and Finely Textured Silhouette with Formal Simplicity

Sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand, Banyan Tree Riverside Residence comes as a distinctive architectural statement. This awesome building is designed by SCDA Architects, offering formal simplicity with crafted detailing to create an iconic and finely textured silhouette.

BOONSOM RESIDENCE: Two Connected Houses with A Good Welcoming Entry and Big Sliding Door

Plan Architect has completed this residential project in 2014 for Boonsom Lerdhirunwong, located in Muang District, Nonthaburi, Thailand. BOONSOM RESIDENCE is a 300 sqm project of two connected houses on the expansion plot. This house is also designed with stunning welcoming entry and also a big sliding door.

Wonderwall Hotel: A Reformation of Old Dormitory into A Hotel with ‘Incompletion’ Materials

The hotel rooms are renovated from the old dorm rooms. The bathroom walls of Superior Room are replaced with reeded glass and white-coated walls are chosen to make the rooms light and bright. The Suite Rooms can accommodate up to 3 people with frosted glasses in front of the room, creating sparser and suitable space for accommodating group tours.

Khun Kwin’s Residence: ‘Neat & Clean’ Mood and Tone to Achieve Function and Aesthetics

The natural light also can make the ground floor brighter and lively. A private zone for resting can be found on the upper floor. The owner of this house converts the tiny family room to the walk-in closet. This walk-in closet connecting with the master bedroom, so the owner can get more private spaces as they needed.

Baan Oab & Proud: Beauty and Simplicity in Full Function Space of A Family House

Both the dining and living room look connected to the garden and also lively with natural light from openings, light-brown wooden tones, and low profile built-in. ‘Neat & Clean’ mood and tone are also added to this house interior to create a brighter atmosphere. Those interior elements are also applied in the bedroom, study room, and the house second floor without too much decoration.