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Khun Kwin’s Residence: ‘Neat & Clean’ Mood and Tone to Achieve Function and Aesthetics

The natural light also can make the ground floor brighter and lively. A private zone for resting can be found on the upper floor. The owner of this house converts the tiny family room to the walk-in closet. This walk-in closet connecting with the master bedroom, so the owner can get more private spaces as they needed.

Nirvana DEFINE Rama9: A Dark-Themed Style and Connected Elements for House Interior

Besides the dark gigantic bookshelves, a dark-themed style in this house interior also comes from other elements such as modern marble tables, black chairs, dark curtains, and even dark frames of the glazed windows. In order to balance this dark theme, the lighting arrangement is also added into the rooms especially in the dining room with the high ceiling.

Baan Oab & Proud: Beauty and Simplicity in Full Function Space of A Family House

Both the dining and living room look connected to the garden and also lively with natural light from openings, light-brown wooden tones, and low profile built-in. ‘Neat & Clean’ mood and tone are also added to this house interior to create a brighter atmosphere. Those interior elements are also applied in the bedroom, study room, and the house second floor without too much decoration.