Residence M: Redevelopment of A 1920s Residence with A Contemporary Aspect

Residence M 8

Residence M is a redevelopment project of a 1920s residence by Maurice Martel Architecte. In the 1990s, this residence had already undergone an expansion but the result didn’t suit the new owners’ architectural preferences. With a resolutely contemporary aspect and a second double-height space, interactions between occupants can be maximized.


Residence M 1

Residence M 2

Residence M 3

This house has an exterior aspect that has been transformed completely. The dark brick is used to replace the old white brick, creating a new image for the entire building. A new siding is coupled with black cladding panels, giving a contemporary aspect to the house in a perfect way.



Residence M 4

Residence M 5

Residence M 6

There is a fully glazed double-height extension that has been fitted to the rear area of the property. It is a grandiose space that ables to accommodate some living spaces and also allowing the natural light to come and flood into all house adjacent rooms during the days.



Residence M 7

Residence M 8

Residence M 9

The entire part of the house, including interior and exterior, has been redeveloped up to date. In this project, there is also a second double-height space created to maximize the interactions between the house’s occupants. This way makes the house becomes comfortable and also fun, allowing occupants to interact without disturbing each other privacy.


Residence M Gallery


Photographer: André Doyon

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