5 Doable Ideas For Creating An Green Space In Your Apartment Balcony

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Gardening may take a backseat for apartment dwellers because there isn’t a garden or backyard where you can plant the greens. But you can create magic with the balcony space if you take the right approach. No matter how small the area is, it is possible to create a lovely little garden with some smart and space-savvy balcony garden ideas. The best part is that they are doable and do not burn a hole in your pocket as well. Here are the ones you can try.

Add a planter wall

A planter wall makes a great idea for apartment dwellers genuinely struggling with space constraints. Choose a wall that gets optimal sunlight and get started with an artful arrangement for a vertical garden in the small space. You can install a metallic frame or add wooden shelves on the wall to place small pots and containers with your favorite herbs and greens. Hang up some fairy lights and create an all-year festive look in the cozy little garden space.

Invest in varied pot sizes

Although balcony gardens are all about minimalism, you can play with pots and containers. Invest in ones of various shapes and sizes. An assortment of contrasting planters, some hanging, others on the planter wall, and more besides the cable railing, can add a visual appeal to space. You can start a DIY project with pot painting to add a personal touch to your balcony garden.

Pick the right plants

Certain plants thrive in the conditions available in balcony gardens. You need to choose with care because the sunlight and moisture they get would be very different from that available in an outdoor space. Some good research would help you Get more ideas for apartment balcony plants, so you can browse online or ask for recommendations. Ideally, stick to the plants that grow well in vertical space rather than spreading out too much.

Opt for railing and ladder planters

Railing planters work well for apartment gardens and so does a ladder-style shelf system. These ideas give your place a feel lush and green appearance without making it look overcrowded. Stacking flowers and other plants are simpler as compared to spreading them across your balcony floor. Make sure that your cable railing is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the planters.

Create a sitting space

If you are smart enough with the placement of plants in your garden balcony, it would be easy to create a small sitting area in the middle of the oasis. Invest in lightweight, space-saving furniture pieces, and throw a rug on the floor for a warm ambiance. Place some colorful floor cushions around and you have a comfortable space to enjoy the evenings alone or with friends. Consider installing curtains if you want privacy for the small party zone.

Creating a garden in your apartment balcony may take some effort but it is completely worthwhile. You end up having a green haven where you can chill after a long day at work or have a good time with your guests.

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