The Lookout: A Unique Private Residence with Lightness and Flexibility

The Lookout 12

Completed in 2020 by Hybrid Architecture, The Lookout is a transformation project of a steep and modest residential lot into a shared residential space. Located in Seattle, the result of this project is a unique private residence with lightness and flexibility.


The Lookout 1

The Lookout 2

The Lookout 3

The Lookout 4

The Lookout 5

The Lookout 6

The Lookout 7

This house is elevated to create a larger “treehouse” feel, including access to both alley and street. It is a modern home that provides flexibility and lightness in its awesome construction. The floor is designed with wood materials to create a warmer atmosphere.



The Lookout 8

The Lookout 9

The Lookout 10

The Lookout 11

The Lookout 12

The development, build, and design from the architect for the site of this project can preserve a beautiful cherry tree to the lot. This way also can provide social, economic, and environmental value to the house’s spaces. It is a perfect combination for those who want to live in a shared residential space with a good value to the surrounding.


The Lookout Gallery


Photographer: Raphael Soldi

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