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Brookfield House: A Single-Family Home with A Fully Equipped Bicycle Workshop

Designed for a couple and their bicycles, Brookfield House is a single-family home located in Toronto. This project is a total reconstitution of a simple Toronto brick home in the inner-city site. The program also includes a fully equipped bicycle workshop for the clients’ bicycles.

Dovercourt Residence: Renovation of An Old Piano Store into A Private Residence

It is an extensive renovation and conversion of an old piano store into a private residence by Kohn Shnier architects in collaboration with Catalist Design Built and Blackwell Engineering. Dovercourt Residence is located on the sidewalk edge of a busy Toronto street. The result of this renovation is not only simple but also resilient and commodious.

House with a Red Wall: A Modern House with Red Glass Wall and Subtle Transitions

It is a modern house designed by Kohn Shnier Architects in collaboration with Blackwell Engineering and Samaryn Homes. House with a Red Wall sits in a midtown Toronto neighborhood, in a tight and difficult mid-block site. The red glass clads the entire west wall of the interior, creating an attractive and bright atmosphere inside the house.

Rosemary House: An Innovative and Assertive Family House for A Modern Family Living

A design team from Kohn Shnier architects has been completed a family house that sits on a relatively conventional site in a well-established neighborhood. Rosemary House is not only assertive but also innovative, designed for a larger than average family. This house also can encourage modern family living, supported by its modern design and awesome structure.

Prefab Cottage for Two Families: A Family House with Living Spaces above Sleeping Spaces

Designed by Kohn Shnier Architects, this beautiful house has been recognized by some awards. Prefab Cottage for Two Families is a family house project designed for two families. It is an “upside-down” house with living spaces above the sleeping spaces that make this house unique.