Alt 1374 – Nax: Apartments and Medical Facilities with A Monolithic Wooden Design

Alt 1374 Nax 4

Located in Nax, Switzerland, Alt 1374 – Nax a 2009 project of apartments and medical facilities. Designed by Lx1 Architecture, this project is a part of a site intended originally for the realization of a cable car. The monolithic wooden plays with the context and the topography.


Alt 1374 Nax 1

Alt 1374 Nax 2

Alt 1374 Nax 3

The facades’ surfaces of the building react by deforming to make visual connections and to exalt the exceptional surroundings in all directions: Rhone valley to the north, snowy peaks to the west, and forest and outcropping rock to the east.



Alt 1374 Nax 4

Alt 1374 Nax 5

Alt 1374 Nax 6

The building ensures the privacy of the various parts of the program and ensures the slope using a split-level organization. The programs include the main apartment with day-night spaces and secondary apartments with a workshop and medical massage office.



Alt 1374 Nax 7

Alt 1374 Nax 8

Alt 1374 Nax 9

The building is dominated in wood, especially on its exterior wall and some parts of the interior. This material is combined with white surfaces of the interior elements, creating a natural appearance inside the building and providing a warmer atmosphere.


Alt 1374 – Nax Gallery


Photographer: Luca da Campo / Strates

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