4 Amazing Bar Interior Design Ideas

BIVEN Grill & Bar 1

As a perfect place for the people to gather and socialize, a bar is usually designed as comfortable as possible with an awesome design for its interior. These days, there are a lot of bars that have dark interiors with a strong appearance. This kind of interior design is usually beautified by lighting, gold color, a little rustic look, a mirror for exotic feel, and also a comfortable seating area. Take a look at these bar interior design ideas for more inspirations.

1. GASTROLI Bar & Kitchen by DA Design & Architecture


It is a famous restaurant located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. GASTROLi Bar & Kitchen has a contemporary interior design that combined with a brick wall, wooden floor, and also beautiful lighting. This kind of bar interior design idea can deliver a comfortable atmosphere for the visitors, supported by two different materials used for the walls.


2. KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar by DA Design and Architecture

KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 5

It is the best restaurant and bar for the homelier and families. KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar offers modern interior design and interesting space organize for those who want to escape from the bustle of the city. Using the double-height space, a high construction, and connecting the two levels, this restaurant is perfect for gathering.


3. BIVEN Grill & Bar by DA Design and Architecture

BIVEN Grill & Bar 1

The bar interior design idea in BIVEN Grill & Bar uses a modern design with some amazing details to beautify its space. The wall and floor are made from concrete, creating a dark and bold appearance. The furniture is chosen with the same theme of the interior to support the entire look.


4. Rouge Nail Bar by Corvin Cristian

Rouge Nail Bar 8

The bar interior design idea for Rouge Nail Bar is about bringing the industrial feeling into the spaces with a unique style. This interior design is made by preserving and adapting the existing elements with some new features. The hip and cozy environment comes from the combination of some cool and rough materials such as concrete and metal.

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