11 Stunning Industrial Furniture Ideas

Node Living 5

Industrial furniture is unique furniture designed from industrially vintage to mid-century modern. It is a perfect furniture for any room style, including modern and contemporary. This furniture offers a wider opportunity for a house owner to design and customize the look of the house room by combining the furniture with other elements. Here is some stunning industrial furniture that can inspire you.

1. Voltaire by SABO

Voltaire 18

It is a comfortable apartment designed to deliver an awesome living place. Voltaire can be found in a 1920’s industrial building with a rough ceiling. In order to create a balance with the ceiling, the industrial furniture that chosen has a modern style with different colors and materials


2. Capsule Loft by Joel Sanders Architect

Capsule Loft 6

One of the challenges of this apartment project is to maintain the architectural integrity of the industrial loft. Capsule Loft is a West Village apartment that has an industrial loft characterized by tall south-west corner windows and exposed concrete beams. Wooden and darker industrial furniture is chosen to complete the interior design.


3. Bird Loft by studioHub Architects

Bird Loft 5

It is a renovation and addition project of a house for the aesthetic demands and functional needs with the context of traditional industrial loft living. Bird Loft offers a comfortable house with a simple and modern design on its interior with industrial furniture that has the same theme and color with the design.


4. Mezzanine Beaumont by La Firme

Mezzanine Beaumont 2

Mezzanine Beaumont is about adding a mezzanine office space to the industrial loft. The addition is the client’s need for her graphic studio at home, complete with some unique industrial furniture. The combination of the furniture, structure, interior design, and detail can deliver a comfortable graphic studio for the client.


5. The Windish Agency by ORA

The Windish Agency 8

This independent booking agency has simple industrial designs that applied to its interior and architecture. Most of the industrial furniture in Windish Agency is made from wood, including the chairs and tables, dominated in black theme to deliver the industrial accent.


6. Bediff Space by Studio BRA

Bediff Space 4

Bediff Space is an awesome exhibition space with its perfect industrial interior design. With the new structure and special design for exhibitor furniture, this space becomes a perfect place to show and display the great arts from some artists. Industrial furniture with unique forms and designs is also used to attract more visitor attention.


7. Node Living by DesignAgency

Node Living 5

Designed with industrial interior and finer details, Node Living delivers a space with its own characteristics. Besides the antique wooden floor, the industrial furniture in this space also includes a wooden table, an industrial design of a wall clock, and even a ladder that used to store some books.


8. WORKKI Neo-Geo Co-Working Space by DA Design & Architecture

WORKKI Neo Geo Co Working Space 10

WORKKI Neo-Geo Co-Working Space offers awesome spaces with an industrial interior. The architect plays with some different colors and materials to bring a comfortable and perfect environment. These colors and materials come from the industrial furniture that added to the spaces.


9. The Sounding Space by Ieva Prunskaite from Prusta

The Sounding Space 17

This project is a combination of minimalist, modern, and also industrial interior with some oriental elements. The Sounding Space also combines colors, materials, and industrial furniture to create a unique spacious house with a warm and exclusive atmosphere.


10. Inspired UM Office by Ieva Prunskaitė and Rokas Puzinas from PRUSTA, Ltd

Inspired UM Office 10

The industrial interior design in Inspired UM Office is simple and modern, supported by simple industrial furniture too. It is a creative office with graphical details that offering an office space that can improve the creativity of all employees.


11. Industrial Loft by IDwhite

Industrial Loft 14

It is a house reconstruction with its beautiful loft with industrial interior design. Industrial Loft not only has an interior full of industrial style but also some elegant and modern accents. The industrial furniture is dominated in black, grey, and white colors that arranged in the best way inside the interior.

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