Mezzanine Beaumont: An Addition of Mezzanine Office Space to the Industrial Loft

Mezzanine Beaumont 5

This 2016 project’s mandate is about adding a mezzanine office space to the industrial loft. Designed by La Firme, the addition is the client’s need for her graphic studio at home. The structure, interior design, and the detail can deliver not only a comfortable graphic studio for the client but also an interesting, unique space at home. The realization of this project is done with the help of Dennis Baril of Atelier B.


Mezzanine Beaumont 1

Mezzanine Beaumont 2

The client of this project has her own graphic studio at home. She needs more space to support his work in this studio, so a mezzanine office space is added with all the things she needed in an office. This office space is placed on the interior of the house industrial loft. Wooden steps are created and also functioned to store large-format works and prints.



Mezzanine Beaumont 3

Mezzanine Beaumont 4

The aerial platform is anchored to the existing steel structure to integrate the additional space for the client. This integration is done by minimizing the footprint, providing the necessary clearance above and below the new workspace as well. And for the floor of the loft, the same wooden material that used to design the office desk offers more beautiful details to the loft.



Mezzanine Beaumont 5

For the mezzanine office space access, an easy way through the wooden steps are created without hindering the huge windows. The beautiful views from this window can still be seen and the contribution of light remains considerable. Without interrupting the existing graphics studio, a mezzanine office space can be added perfectly in meeting the client’s needs.

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