N8A House: Reconstruction and Extension of A Single-Family House

N8A House 6

From 2016 to 2017, Holz Architekten has been completed a project of reconstruction and extension called N8A House. It is a single-family house with a hipped roof from the 1950s in Stuttgart, Germany, and it was solidly built with solid masonry walls and ribbed concrete ceilings. This house has not only been upgraded technically but also spatially.


N8A House 1

N8A House 2

N8A House 3

This house also has a nested floor plan for the desired, clearly separated rooms at the time. The room layout and the size of the apartment are no longer matched today’s ideas of room design and living comfort. It makes the family with 5 children who bought this house has a desire to expand and convert it based on their needs. It is needed to be refurbished, modernized, and extended.



N8A House 4

N8A House 5

N8A House 6

A photovoltaic system and a mini-block thermal power station are installed to generate the electric vehicles and the  electricity required for the building, including the heat for the swimming pool and the house. The house building is converted and an additional floor is also added.



N8A House 7

N8A House 8

N8A House 9

There are 5 children’s rooms including a children’s bathroom and study on the upper floor while on the top floor, the new parents ‘sleeping area with a sauna, dressing room, and parents’ bathroom is created. On the ground floor, there are also some fundamental spatial improvements through the removal of existing walls and small changes to the floor plan.



N8A House 10

N8A House 11

N8A House 12

The outer walls are given a uniform material and those are also insulated. The house dark facade can give a calm, monolithic look. The wood is used to give a warm, homely atmosphere to the house. The interior of the building is also extended.

N8A House 13

N8A House 14

N8A House 15

N8A House 16

The homely, cozy accents are set with the panorama window and the long bench in the dining area, the niches of the wooden windows, and oak parquet. In this house, the set staircase to the top floor becomes a piece of furniture that also serves as a library. This renovation project also has created new living spaces for the family.


N8A House Gallery


Photographer: Zooey Braun

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